Fortunate future for Fibruline®/Fibrulose®
NEWSLETTER COSUCRA Cosucra is delighted to announce that EFSA published in January 2014 a positive opinion about an article 13.5 health claim linking non-digestible carbohdyrates (such as oligofructose and inulin) to an improved post-prandial blood glucose response. The wording accepted by EFSA is as follows: “Consumption of foods/drinks containing non-digestible carbohydrates instead of sugars induces a lower blood glucose rise after meals compared to sugar-containing foods/drinks”. This claim can officially be used on the market within a few months, when it is mandated by the European Commission and listed under the European Union Register of Nutrition and Health Claims regulation. The EFSA opinion is the result of a joined dossier submitted last year by Beneo, Cosucra and Sensus. This dossier was based on several studies (partly claimed as proprietary and/or confidential) which show the positive impact that can be affected on blood glucose response when a proportion of the sugars in a product is replaced with the prebiotic fibre oligofructose that is derived from chicory. A second dossier focusing on chicory inulin and also including additional newly developed scientific research was ready for submission at the moment when EFSA’s opinion on chicory oligofructose was published. As EFSA broadened the scope to non-digestible carbohydrates when evaluating the oligofructose dossier, chicory inulin is included and benefits de facto from this evaluation. By replacing sugar by oligofructose / inulin, food and drink producers can offer an answer to the growing demand for lower glycaemic response products. Indeed, as our society is increasingly facing diet related diseases such as obesity, overweight, impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes, the emphasis on the development of new, lower glycaemic response products grows.