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For more than 10 years we have been proposing functional ingredients to the food and the nutraceutical industry. Our partners and their specialities support the development of products with a well balanced nutritional profile for a healthy and light diet.



Lipofoods presents magnesium microincapsulated

The Spanish company Lipofoods ( has recently launched a new product, MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules, a highly concentrated magnesium source suitable for many applications (such as capsules, tablets, chewable pills, orosoluble powder products and many others). Magnesium is an essential mineral for our body. It is important ... Read more >

Best brown flavours and Vanilla uses in Ice Creams

Since 1946, our French represented Prova, has been intimately linked to vanilla, cocoa, coffee flavors and other “brown” notes (caramel, nuts, milk notes and confectionery notes). PROVA’s flavorists created an original portfolio too, consisting of both organic and Fair Trade certified products. The company is ... Read more >

Organic certified extracts and natural flavors: PROVA is a benchmark in the organic market

Since its establishment, Prova has always been the leader in the production of Vanilla, Cocoa and Coffee extracts. A full range of specialties is offered, all perfectly suitable for “sweet” applications. A growing number of companies are investing in organic products. PROVA’s selection of special ... Read more >

Webinar on Curcushine™ microcapsules! The new product line for the “Beauty from within Market” is going to be launched soon!

The Spanish company Lipofoods invites you to attend a free webinar on “Curcushine™ microcapsules”, the product launch of a new line of microencapsulated botanical ingredients. “Curcushine™ microcapsules” is a highly bioavailable microencapsulated curcumin source. Its health claims are especially targeted to the beauty-from-within market: the ... Read more >