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For more than 10 years we have been proposing functional ingredients to the food and the nutraceutical industry. Our partners and their specialities support the development of products with a well balanced nutritional profile for a healthy and light diet.



Cosucra launches the new injectable pea fiber

We are glad to inform that our partner Cosucra has enlarged its range of pea fibers by launching a new (highly awaited!) version of its functional fiber Swelite. The new product, named “Swelite F”, has the peculiarity to be injectable: this feature makes it a ... Read more >

Top 5 brown flavors for chocolate applications

Since 1946, our French represented Prova, has been intimately linked to vanilla, cocoa, coffee flavors and other “brown” notes (caramel, nuts, milk notes and confectionery notes). PROVA’s flavorists created an origina27l portfolio too, consisting of both organic and Fair Trade certified products. The company is ... Read more >

Lutein and zeaxanthin: a winning mix during pregnancy and breast-feeding!

Carotenoids are organic pigments, both found in fruit and vegetables, responsible for their broad spectrum of colors, from bright yellow to dark red. Their range consists in about 750 different molecules; their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make them good allies of human health. Among the ... Read more >

Inulin for a fiber-enriched bread

The consumers are more and more conscious of the importance of fiber in their daily diet. Anyway, for many of them it is not clear how different food items, including bread, do positively or negatively affect their digestion. Among many different studies, one for instance ... Read more >