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For more than 10 years we have been proposing functional ingredients to the food and the nutraceutical industry. Our partners and their specialities support the development of products with a well balanced nutritional profile for a healthy and light diet.



Sources of Omega-3

Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 are defined as “essential”, since our body cannot synthetize them. The main fatty acids Omega-3 are: the Alpha-Linoleic Acid (ALA), which is of vegetal origin (mostly found in walnuts, in flaxseeds oil and in other plant foods); the Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) ... Read more >

The future of salty snack industry

Originally created as ‘breaks between meals’, snacks have been considered just as such for a long time. Today the frenetic daily routine has converted the snack into a genuine meal replacement. In the US, this pattern has now become a real trend, but it is ... Read more >

Plant-based proteins & Sport nutrition

Sport supplements category was the first to use the plant-based proteins. In 2013, according to data from Innova Market, the number of plant-based sport powders launches was higher than any other food and beverage category. A recent survey over the eating habits of more than ... Read more >

Supplement and fortified foods: the new trends

Today’s food market points out the most relevant categories of consumers: vegans, vegetarians and “flexitarians” (namely those who consume animal proteins occasionally). The results of a recent survey by Mintel in UK, show a raising awareness about health and eating disorders (allergies, intolerance, deficit, etc.…). ... Read more >