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Quality Ingredients

For more than 10 years we have been proposing functional ingredients to the food and the nutraceutical industry. Our partners and their specialities support the development of products with a well balanced nutritional profile for a healthy and light diet.



Swelite® in fish-based products: improved quality at reduced cost!

Fish meat, either fresh or frozen, is a natural source of nutrients such as proteins and fatty acids Omega-3 and contains important nutritional values for a healthy diet. The global consumption records 3% annual growth and it is expected to increase + 20% up to ... Read more >

Vitamin D benefits for human health!

Several studies prove the important key role of Vitamin D and its unique benefits for both biological and metabolic body functions. Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine Vitamin” being our body able to produce it when it gets exposed to the sun. Nevertheless, ... Read more >


The Vitafoods exhibition of Genève, important event of the nutraceutical sector, will take place from 7th to 9th of May. We are glad to inform you that our represented firms will be at your disposal for a meeting at their booths: – Cosucra Stand J78 ... Read more >

Chicory inulin, a big potential for baby food and infant formula!

Nowadays, chicory inulin is surely one of the most used fibers in Europe and western Europe alone represents one-third of the global consumption. Cosucra (, our Belgian represented supplier is the pioneer of this highly functional ingredient. Among other sources, inulin from chicory roots, leads ... Read more >