Innovations for the bakery sector: fruit fillings with Swelite™C pea cell-wall fibre

The food industry is constantly changing and evolving, following the desires of the consumers, who become more and more conscious of the importance of a healthy diet.

In the bakery field, the industries are focusing on the fillings, especially the fruit based ones, in order to achieve health and innovative trends.
New tastes have been developed, always with the respect of quality standards.
In general, consumers look for products, that have to be natural and free from preservatives, colorants and artificial flavors.

One of the key aim for Cosucra is to promote ingredients suitable to reply to the consumers’ needs and to the market trends.

Depending on its receipt and on the dough, the filling must have specific technical and organoleptic characteristics.
The shelf life is an important target too. Indeed, the water activity is a crucial parameter to preserve freshness besides organoleptic and microbiological qualities.
In order to retain and control the water and reduce its loss into the fillings, Cosucra has developed a valid solution: the pea cell-wall fibre Swelite™C.

Swelite™C is a natural functional ingredient extracted from yellow peas, which is composed of dietary fibers and native starch. The use of Swelite™C in bakery fillings allows to stabilize up to 10% more water compared to a reference recipe, without changing the texture and the stability of the fruit preparation.
Compared to other fibers, Swelite™C is the only ingredient which is able to provide a nice texture without affecting the taste and the color of the finished product.
It can also provide a natural, soft and pleasant texture.

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