Inulin for a fiber-enriched bread

The consumers are more and more conscious of the importance of fiber in their daily diet.
Anyway, for many of them it is not clear how different food items, including bread, do positively or negatively affect their digestion.
Among many different studies, one for instance has shown that 79% of U.S. consumers are affected by digestive health issues or are concerned about it.
This incentive spurs the food industry to reinvent traditional foods for optimal nutritional values.

Considering that bread is a staple food in most countries, it could become an ideal functional food if would be enriched in fibers.
Nowadays, the bread is more and more enriched with fiber derived from whole flour, ancient grains, barley or oat fibres, inulin.

Related to inulin, more than 30 studies revealed that chicory root fibers (inulin and oligofructose) are very interesting for their capacity to increase Bifidobacteria.

Our Belgian represented Cosucra Groupe Warcoing S.A. offers a complete range of Inulin, native or selected by different chain lenghts, and FOS.

The whole range is ideal to enrich bread and bakery products with fiber. Studies have shown that 5 grams of chicory root fibers per day would boost the probiotic bacteria in the gut. It also allows other functional claims like prebiotic or bifidogenic effect and enhance calcium absorption.

For example, using the native inulin Fibruline® Instant in bread, with a minimal adaptation of the recipe (small reduction of water content) and of the process (addition of Fibruline® Instant to the flour), you obtain a finished product with a final fiber content of 6.3 g per 100g.

Inulin can be widely used in many other products such as cookies, muffins, cakes, bars and brownies, where this fiber permits to reduce sugar maintaining the taste unaltered.
Moreover, the use of inulin helps to replace some sugar functionalities: for example, it makes the final product brown and crunch.
It’s generally recommend to replace up to 30% of sugar “one to one” with chicory root fibers.

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