Magnesium may increase Vitamin D levels

Nowadays Vitamin D deficiency is identified as a potential health problem, that is why a lot of people, following the recommendations of their doctors, have started consuming vitamin D supplements.

According to a recent study that highlighs how different nutrients can work together to boost health and wellness, a proper daily intake of magnesium could help to optimize Vitamin D levels.

This mineral is important to promote more than 300 biochemical reactions in our body.
For example, it supports the maintenance of:

• Normal muscles and nerves functions
• A steady heart rhythm
• A healthy immune system
• Strong bones
• Optimal sugar level in the blood

A new research, which belongs to a broader research, focused on the magnesium role in cancer prevention.

It involved people aged 40 – 85, who were randomly assigned to either placebo or magnesium supplements with personalized doses based on their initial intakes of calcium and magnesium.

The results showed that the impact of magnesium was different depending on the initial vitamin D levels: if this was insufficient or low (below 30 ng/ml), the magnesium supplementation increased vitamin D levels. On the other side, if vitamin D levels were between 30 and 50 ng/ml, then magnesium decreased the Vitamin D levels.

Despite the precise molecular mechanism is not clear, magnesium supplementation might affect both enzyme activators and deactivators of Vitamin D.

Over the last few years, the interest in magnesium has highly increased and its consumption is expected to grow (more than calcium), although 70-80 % of the US population does not have a correct magnesium supplementation.

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