The trend of the “plant-based” products

In the recent years, the business of products from vegetal/vegan origin has boomed and the experts confirm this trend being continuously growing. The period between 2015-2019 recorded a 20% annual growth of launches with vegan claims (both in food and in beverage sectors). In this … Read more >

Magnesium, a natural choice for everyday life!

Magnesium is one of the trendiest minerals of recent times, a valid and interesting natural choice. Available in different forms, it represents an essential support for everyday life. Magnesium contributes to several functions of our body, such as relaxation, energy metabolism, breathing activity, muscles maintenance, … Read more >

“Nootropics” are now a boom!

In our today’s competitive society the demand for a group of food supplements called “nootropics” (or smart drugs), is seen in constant growth. These functional foods, which attract an increasing number of people, are in fact able to improve one or more aspects of our … Read more >

“Beauty from within”: fortify … for a glowing skin!

The skin is the body’s largest organ. Its nourishment and caring should be a daily practice; despite this, it is not always respected. Indeed, different causes might damage our skin, for instance: unhealthy diet, smoking, pollution, stress, UV radiation. All these factors can reduce the … Read more >

Spirulina: a valid ally against fat?

Spirulina is a micro alga highly rich in protein and antioxidants with a lot of properties: it is suitable for its detoxifying action, it helps blood lipid profile and soothes hyperactivity in children. Basing on the available studies, an Iranian team has conducted a research … Read more >