“Nootropics” are now a boom!

In our today’s competitive society the demand for a group of food supplements called “nootropics” (or smart drugs), is seen in constant growth. These functional foods, which attract an increasing number of people, are in fact able to improve one or more aspects of our brain functions, such as its cognitive ability and functionality.

According to Innova Market Insights, these preparations registered a growth of 70% in the period 2015-2019.
The target consumers are mainly the university students and young professionals, but these supplements are gaining significant importance also among elderly population, who want to remain active and efficient not only physically but also mentally.

This can be define as a new trend, in addition to other ones from the last few years, among which the “search of natural”, the “clean label” and the “vegan friendly”.

Vitamin A, C, E and those of the group B, but also Omega 3 and minerals like zinc and magnesium are interesting suitable actives for this purpose.
We can besides mention other new active components, such as micro algae and astaxanthin, that offer some interesting application opportunities in this field.

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