Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, Astaxanthin, Cantaxanthin

Carotenoids are pigments colored from red to violet. They can be sourced in nature in plants, algae and some bacteria. All organisms that depend from solar energy, and therefore operate photosynthesis, contain these pigments.
They are divided into carotenes and xanthophylls. The difference is in the presence, in the second one, of oxygen in its molecule.

Carotenoids are used for their strong ability to color foods and beverages, but also for their healthy properties.

Divi’s well knows the challenge that the industry has to face in order to satisfy the ever increasing needs from its customers.
It is essential to be able to obtain the perfect shade of colour in the final product. Over the years, Divi’s has not just developed a variety of colors from pale yellow to deep red, but also product forms that well react to the different pH levels commonly found in foods and beverages, especially those needing a stable color in a low pH environment.
Depending on the application, a colour with a more or less immediate solubility or with a more cloudy appearance can be required, while in other applications the solution has to be transparent.

In nutraceutical application, due to their antioxidant effects, these compounds play an important role:

  • Modulating action on the factors of the inflammatory response;
  • Preventing oxidative stress and DNA damage caused by endogenous production of free radicals during inflammatory processes;
  • Taking part in multiple metabolic pathways by regulating gene function.

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