Proteins, fibres and starches from pea

  • Pisane™ – Pea protein;
  • Swelite™ – Pea functional (inner) fiber;
  • Nastar™ – Pea starch.

PISANE™ isolated pea protein (Pisum Sativum) produced by Cosucra, is one of the few proteins not needing allergen and GMO declaration in the label. This is a very important feature in the nowadays market, where the trend of the “Clean Label” is always more requested. Pea proteins can substitute animal proteins from 10% to 100% allowing a huge cost saving and the balancing of several applications, such as meat preparations, ready meals, bakery products, pasta, nutritional bars, snacks, shakes etc.In special diets (products for sportive people, for seniors and for the weight control), PISANE™ promotes a balanced protein absorption, either individually or combined with other proteins, and it provides a high level of branch aminoacids.

SWELITE™ C is a highly functional pea cellular fiber, neutral in color, smell and taste and it is GMO and allergen free. It has a water binding capacity of 10 times its weight at cold temperature and reaches up to 12 times once heated (it contains a part of native starch that gels at 68° C). Water is tightly held and it can be released only through a strong mechanical action, such as by chewing, providing a unique texture and juiciness to the final product. The final products are less sticky and more workable during preparation, more stable to heat treatment, to freezing-thawing cycles and to different PH. SWELITE™ C can be used in products such as restructured and minced meat, meatballs, cutlets, hamburgers, poultry, fish or vegetable preparations, meat analogues. SWELITE™ C allows the preparation of emulsions 1:5:5 in cold conditions or 1:6:6 in hot conditions with different fats, in order to obtain some specialties such as frankfurters or mortadella. In addition to meat products, this fiber conveniently performs in ready meals, vegetable or fruit based fillings and preparations.

SWELITE™ F, new product released by Cosucra, is a functional fiber with a finer granulometry compared to SWELITE™ C (60% >100 micron, 90% >200 micron). Thanks to this, it is injectable and creamy on the palate. The injectability makes it a valid technical solution for meat applications. Added to the brine, it does not leave visible streaks on the finished product, unlike other fibers. SWELITE™ F has a water holding capacity of 7 times its weight; the recommended dosage on the finished product can vary from 1,5-2% to a maximum dosage of 3%-4%. It can be declared as simple as “vegetal fiber”. It is very suitable to stabilize and, besides, it improves the aspect and the texture of “cheese analogue”, pasta filling and savory baked products.

NASTAR™ is a native pea starch, with an amylose content of 50-55%, much higher than other starches (i.e.: wheat 23-27%; corn 22-28%, potato 22%).
This higher amylose content is the reason why NASTAR™ has a higher gelling property which allows to obtain a compact and firm (“sliceable”) gel.
Its peculiarity is the low gelatinization temperature (68° C versus 70-74°C required for other native starches).
The gel obtained from NASTAR™ is resistant to high temperatures, to freezing-thawing cycles and to different PH values. NASTAR’s typical applications are meat preparations, tinned food, sauces and soups.
NASTAR is also available in pregelatinized version NASTAR INSTANT™, which gellifies at cold temperatures.

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