Soy & sunflower lecithin, liquid, powdered and granulated version

Lecithins, also knows as phospholipids, are one of the components of plant and animal cells. In fact, the outer cell membrane of all living beings is composed by phospholipids.
These are natural compounds derived from triglycerides, in which one of the fatty acids is replaced by a phosphoric group or a nitrogenated base: the remaining lipid group is the fat-related part, while the phosphoric group is the hydrophilic part.
This peculiarity enables the lecithin to bind water and oil together, which are substances that normally cannot be mixed: lecithin is therefore an emulsifying substance.

Lecithin is widely used in several applications and with different functions:

  • Emulsifier, especially in water-in-oil system, such as margarine and chocolate;
  • Easily soluble in oil and dispersible in water (in powder form);
  • Suspensive agent: it keeps dusts disaggregated, prevents them from agglomeration;
  • Wetting agent: it helps the dusty substances to faster dissolve in the water;
  • Anti-crystalizing agent: it prevents sugars crystallization in the presence of fat, as in chocolate;
  • Anti-retrogradation effect: it interacts with starch molecules and creates complexes that tend to retrograde more slowly, improving the shelf-life of baked products;
  • Anti-thickening agent.

Lecithin is commonly used in the production of bakery products, chocolate, chewing gum, sweets and instant food.

It also has a proven role in the preparation of dietary products and food supplements.
Several studies have shown different properties of lecithin, including the important role of cholesterol antagonist, together with polyunsatured fatty acids.

  • YELLOTHIN® – Liquid soy lecithin, refined, standardized, non GMO, with IP traceability certificate
  • LECISTAR® – Liquid sunflower and rapeseed lecithin
  • GREENCITHIN® – Organic liquid lecithin from sunflower and soy
  • STERNPUR® – Lecithin in powder, pure, de-oiled from non GMO soy or sunflower
  • STERNFLOW® – Lecithin in powder on carrier (non OGM soy, sunflower or rapeseed) with different concentrations
  • ECOTHIN® / ECOPUR® – Lecithin for technical uses
  • STERNCREAM®– Coconut milk powder spray dried
  • SOYCITHIN® G97 IP – Granulated lecithins from soy for dietary use
  • SUNCITHIN® G96 – Granulated lecithins from sunflower for dietary use
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