Spirulina: a valid ally against fat?

Spirulina is a micro alga highly rich in protein and antioxidants with a lot of properties: it is suitable for its detoxifying action, it helps blood lipid profile and soothes hyperactivity in children.

Basing on the available studies, an Iranian team has conducted a research to prove the effects of spirulina on the weight control and reduction (especially in obese people).
The research was based on some scientific databases and it involved 278 heterogeneous people, kept controlled on their general health; 145 of them were assuming spirulina.

It was shown that spirulina may have some beneficial effects, for example on:

• appetite
• food absorption
• microbiota and its health
• inflammatory processes

The study revealed a weight decreasing among people that were assuming the micro alga in their diet.
Moreover, the collected data seems to confirm that the assumption of the alga is related to a reduction of the body fat percentage and of the waist circumference.

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