The trend of the “plant-based” products

In the recent years, the business of products from vegetal/vegan origin has boomed and the experts confirm this trend being continuously growing.

The period between 2015-2019 recorded a 20% annual growth of launches with vegan claims (both in food and in beverage sectors).

In this historic period, which is characterized by a more evident environmental crisis, the average consumer is more conscious and sensitive to what moves around this topic: the environmental impact and the sustainability are among the most important concerns.

The choice in front of the supermarket shelves is determined also by another aspect: the awareness of health and wellness. Indeed, several studies have shown that vegan and vegetarian diets have several positive effects on the health, including a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes,…

Lastly, compared to the past, there is a bigger curiosity towards new and alternative products, which however should remain as tasty and good appealing as the standards.

Nevertheless, in the last few months, the consumption of this kind of products slowed-down a lot because of the Covid-19 pandemic: a large part of people, forced into their homes for several weeks, turned to consume more traditional food, especially for economic reasons.
For this reason, producers momentarily changed their directions, focusing less on the new launches and more on the “secure and traditional” food.
But, experts claim, this is just a temporary fallback.

Indeed, the onset of the Coronavirus is somehow linked to the consumption of products with animal origin (as it happened with the swine flu, avian influenza and other pandemics…). This connection will lead people to think that plant-based products are safer for the health, as well as a sustainable protein source.

It is also likely that this global pandemic will lead to a greater search of products with local (short supply chain), certain and controlled origin.

Among our partners, the companies that can offer valid, functional and sustainable proposals for this sector are:

Cosucra which offers proteins (Pisane™) and functional fibers (Swelite ™) from peas harvested in Belgium and France;
Nuwen which offers macro and micro algae harvested into a protected area of Britain (France)

For more information, we are at your best disposal.

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