Inulin and FOS, vegetable soluble fibers from chicory

  • Fibruline® – Short/medium/long chain inulin in powder;
  • Fibrulose® – Oligofructose / FOS in powder or liquid.

Inulin and oligofructose from the chicory roots are natural soluble fibers nowadays widely used thanks to their healthy intake and their functionality in many food and dietary products.
Inulin and FOS can dissolve in water. Moreover they can support the intestinal transit physically behaving like a sugar, but, being a fiber, their caloric value is just 2 Kcal (sugar is 4 Kcal). They are not digested by the intestine: on the contrary, they undergo a fermentation process, which causes the release of beneficial prebiotic compounds.
The high fibers content and the low caloric value make them ideal for the formulation of innovative products, balanced in their components and good for wellness. In this way, the final products will have additional healthy connotations.

Under a technological point of view, by using inulin and FOS, it is possible to innovate and improve many formulas with a lot of benefits:

  • Biscuits, bakery products, bread and substitutes;
  • Ice creams and desserts;
  • Dietetic products, without sugar or reduced in sugar and fat content, gluten free, lactose free and allergen free products;
  • Food supplements, products for sportive people & for weight control, for babies & seniors;
  • Drinks and shakes;
  • Snacks, bars, cereals, extruded products;
  • Yogurt, dairy products, fresh cheese;
  • Chocolate, creams, spreads;
  • Pasta and fillings;
  • Sauces and dressings;
  • Meat preparations.
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