Our partners


It is the pioneer of the production of inulin and oligofructose, as well as proteins, fibers and starches from pea.


Prova is recognized as a producer of vanilla, cocoa and coffee extracts and natural and natural identical flavors. It also offers sweet notes such as caramel, nuts, dairy and pastry notes.


Lucta is a company engaged in the manufacturing of flavors and fragrances and animal feed additives. We represent their products range for the savory industry.


It is considered as one of the historical and benchmark companies for selected lecithin from different origins, in powder or liquid forms.


Divi’s is worldwide well-known to the Pharmaceutical Industry for many molecules and it offers a full range of carotenoids, besides Vitamin A and D.


Btsa is one of the main suppliers of antioxidants, vitamin E and special formulations for the food, nutraceutical and feed industry. It has been the first European company which started the production of tocopherols and natural vitamin E.


It offers minerals and botanical actives microencapsulated with an advanced technology to improve their properties.


Part of the French group Roullier, it is located in a protected area of Brittany, a production site of micro and macro algae, but also of marine extracts and actives and sea water powder.


The company is well known as a specialist of the phospholipids of both origin vegetal (soy, sunflower, rapeseed) and animal (marine and egg phospholipids), but it also offers a range of purified fractions for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.