Nuwen by Setalg, part of French group Roullier, it is located in a protected area of Brittany, a production site of micro and macro algae.

On their catalogue we can find several references suitable for many applications, from beverages to the nutraceutical sector, cosmetics, …

The main products are:

Macroalgae (sources of fibers, calcium, magnesium and other minerals)

  • Lithothamnium “Algalithe”
  • “Brown algae” such as Ascophyllum, Fucus, “Sea spaghetti”, Wakame
  • “Red algae” such as Irish Moss
  • “Green algae” such as Sea lettuce

Microalgae (sources of proteins, mineral salts, fibers and vitamins)

  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina

Other references

  • Marine extracts and actives: Ascophyllum, Agar-agar (natural gelling agents derived from red algae),
  • Sea Water powder (sea water concentrade in powder, low Sodium content), Marine Magnesium Oxide (huge magnesium source) and Marine Collagen.
All the applications