Plant-based products trend

There’s no doubt about it: plant-based foods and beverages have gone mainstream, thanks to an ever-widening base of consumers that reaches beyond vegans and vegetarians. In fact, while most flexitarian consumers are trying to increase their consumption of such products, 59% of them still eat … Read more >

Benefits of Seawater Concentrate Powder

Seawater Concentrate is an original ingredient of the French company Nuwen that benefits from the properties and quality of French Brittany coasts seawater. Seawater Concentrate is produced thanks to an unique manufacturing process, based on water evaporation technology. The process consists in two steps that … Read more >

SWELITE™ F – A functional pea solution for pasta fillings

Sustainable, nutritional and functional. Here are the main attributes of SWELITE™ F pea cell-wall fibre for food industry. Already well-known for meat injections, SWELITE™ F – the reference with a fine particle size (90% lower than 200μm) – demonstrates now all its potential particularly in … Read more >

Mixed tocopherols with green tea extract

In the antioxidants market several products contain more active ingredients, used in order to counter the lipid oxidation, which is the cause of the rancidity of oils and fats used in food products. The fat degradation also leads to flavor and color changes and causes … Read more >

Fortifying plant-based drinks

A recent study has been conducted in Australia on plant-based drinks: the research focused on over 100 types of drinks sold in the main grocery stores. Examined products came from different sources: nuts, seeds, legumes, coconut, grains and a smaller part from mixed sources. Around … Read more >