Mixed tocopherols with green tea extract

In the antioxidants market several products contain more active ingredients, used in order to counter the lipid oxidation, which is the cause of the rancidity of oils and fats used in food products.
The fat degradation also leads to flavor and color changes and causes a loss of nutritional properties.
Both vegetable and animal fats undergo this process, increased by the presence of oxygen, light and high temperature. It basically consists in a primary oxidation of the fatty acids (hydrogenation of their bonds and formation of aldehydes, ketones and free radicals) and a subsequent secondary oxidation (due to the presence of free radicals) that accelerates exponentially the primary oxidation.
Thanks to natural antioxidants, such as the range of mixed tocopherols TOCOBIOL® from the Spanish company BTSA  https://www.btsa.com/(www.btsa.com), the oxidation process can be delayed without the use of synthetic food additives (such as TBHQ (E 319), BHA (E 320) or BHT (E 321), which are increasingly limited and in progressive disuse due to their toxicity.
The use of a synergistic combination of natural origin substances increases the capacity to fight the oxidation process.
At BTSA, a big focus has been given to the study and the formulation of these substances. TOCOBIOL® XT range is made of tocopherols combined with Green Tea Extract, known for its high antioxidant capacity in different types of fats.
The molecules providing Green tea Extract with its antioxidant capacity are the “Catechins”, compounds with high antioxidant properties thanks to their large number of hydroxyl groups. The R&D Lab of BTSA tested and proved, with the use of the RANCIMAT® and RAPIDOXY® method, how this combination of mixed tocopherols and green tea extract give excellent results for the stabilization of vegetal and animal oils, as well as omega 3 from fish.
Another advantage of using this extract is the possibility to declare it simply as an ingredient (and not as an additive).
For more information, do not hesitate to contact us! https://www.victa.it/contatti/

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