Benefits of Seawater Concentrate Powder

Seawater Concentrate is an original ingredient of the French company Nuwen that benefits from the properties and quality of French Brittany coasts seawater.

Seawater Concentrate is produced thanks to an unique manufacturing process, based on water evaporation technology. The process consists in two steps that allow to concentrate seawater mineral salts at the highest level without using any additive:
Step 1: Slow and natural evaporation process in salt marshes and separation of Sodium Chloride
Step 2: Mechanic water evaporation of the liquid containing the remaining salts through a spray drying technology (light nebulization against a blow of inert gas or hot air which transforms it into powder).

Thanks to this specific process, a mineral powder rich of electrolytes (minerals that are naturally contained into water) but with a low concentration of sodium chloride is obtained.
Seawater Concentrate contains more than 50 minerals and trace elements. In particular, silicon, boron and magnesium are very concentrated: their content is 80 times higher than in the liquid seawater.

Electrolytes are mineral salts that are naturally part of body fluids. When we sweat, we lose a lot of electrolytes. If the loss is too quick, the body is not able to restore the electrolytes as rapidly as they were lost, and this can cause a dehydration risk. A person who is exerting energy, for example through an intense work or sport activity, can quickly become dehydrated (in just 30 minutes). Dehydration can lead to several serious problems, that is why it is important to prevent it. Introducing electrolytes back into the body helps to restore them at a good balance level, keeping us efficient and well hydrated.

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