SWELITE™ F – A functional pea solution for pasta fillings

Sustainable, nutritional and functional. Here are the main attributes of SWELITE™ F pea cell-wall fibre for food industry. Already well-known for meat injections, SWELITE™ F – the reference with a fine particle size (90% lower than 200μm) – demonstrates now all its potential particularly in pasta fillings. A dry and friable texture? An increase of the dry matter of the filling? Do not wait and test COSUCRA’s (link) functional pea solution: SWELITE™ F that meets all the challenges of pasta fillings application. Directly obtained from the yellow pea thanks to a gentle process and with robust functionalities, this solution ensures both a great sensory experience for the consumer and a significant improvement of the product quality and its processability. Thanks to its good water holding capacity, SWELITE™ F allows a significant reduction of water release in the pasta filling, which helps to keep the dry matter of the product. For a Ricotta filling and based on the same amount of cheese, formulating with SWELITE™ F (up to 4% in the filling) increases the volume of the filling and provides a better texture compared to the original pasta filling. While improving the processability, the yield and the mouthfeel, the color is perfectly maintained. With SWELITE™ F, COSUCRA offers you the perfect plant-based solution for a yummy pasta filling – stable and tasty. As tasty AND sustainable is even better, consumers are looking more and more food products that respect the planet. Therefore SWELITE™ F from pea is one part of the solution. As non-GMO crop, pea has the unique natural capacity to fix nitrogen from the air thanks to a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms present on their plant roots. They require few chemical fertilizers, providing a direct environmental benefit. Pea cropping allows the reduction of the chemical fertilization for the following crops during culture rotation. Besides, water requirements for pea growth are low and its cropping a limited amount of crop protection products.

Cosucra (link), besides the fibers, proteins and pea starches, is the pioneer of inulin and FOS production derived from chicory. The company offers quality products and a technical nutritional service to the food and nutraceutical industry.

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