Cosucra is the pioneer in the production of inulin and FOS from chicory roots and proteins, functional fibers and starches from pea:

  • FIBRULINE™ – Chicory inulin
  • FIBRULOSE™ – Chicory oligofructose
  • PISANE™ – Pea protein
  • SWELITE C™ – Pea functional (inner) fiber
  • SWELITE F™ – Pea functional injectable fiber
  • NASTAR™ – Pea starch

Cosucra supports the concept of foods formulation according to the nutritional needs of each age category at the correct dosage of the ingredient in order to promote a healthy, balanced and natural nutrition.

In order to promote these values, the company offers quality products and a technical-applicative and nutritional support to the food industry.

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