Lipofoods produces a special range of powdered microencapsulated specialties, such as minerals (iron, calcium, zin, magnesium), plant sterols, caffeine and curcumin.
The encapsulation allows an easy water dispersion and strongly limits the organoleptic impact of these substances, avoiding their interaction with other ingredients/co-formulants. In addition, the process improves the bioavailability and allows a controlled and prolonged release over the time.
The key applications are FOOD FORTIFICATION (dairy and bakery products, cereals and snacks, beverages) and production of FOOD SUPPLEMENTS.

The microencapsulated minerals are:

  • LIPOFER® – Iron Phyrophosphate (Fe3+) water dispersible, tasteless and colorless;
  • LIPOCAL® – Calcium Triphosphate with high bioavailability;
  • ZINCNOVA® – Zinc Oxide with controlled intake, strongly reduced taste and interaction;
  • MAGSHAPE – Source of magnesium at a concentration of 30%, easily dispersible and bio available;

The botanical ingredients are:

  • LIPOPHYTOL® – Pine tree Phytosterols water dispersible;
  • NEWCAFF® – Slow-release & tasteless caffeine, at 60% and 75% concentration, natural and synthetic;
  • CURCUSHINE® – Curcumin with a high bioavailability;

Last but not least, Lipofoods can also offer SPECIAL FORMULAS, tailored-made for nutricosmetic industry.

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