Micro and macro algae, marine extracts and sea water in powder

Algae are an interesting ingredients category, although not so well known for most of consumers.

Nevertheless the research is investing a lot on this kind of products, since they are expected to play a big role for a future sustainable diet.

They can be distinguished in micro and macro algae of different species/varieties; they are sources of nutritional and functional substances (proteins, minerals, omega 3) and may improve finished products by their thickening and texturizing properties, as well as organoleptic profile.

Here below, you can find a list of the main products (some of them are organic certified), available with different granulometry (based on the final application):


  • ALGALITHE: rich in calcium, magnesium and other minerals; in powder form.
  • ASCOPHYLLUM: rich in fibers, calcium, iron and alginate; in flakes, powder form and also as an extract (5:1).
  • FUCUS: rich in dietetic fibers, calcium and potassium; in flakes and in powder form.
  • IRISH MOSS: highly rich in carrageenan, but also of vitamin B9, iron and calcium: it is a natural thickener (without โ€œE numberโ€) for beverages and food supplements; in flakes and in powder form.
  • SEA LETTUCE: rich in vitamin C, dietetic fibers, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium.
  • WAKAME: rich in beta-carotene, vitamin B9, calcium, potassium, magnesium, dietetic fibers.


  • CHLORELLA: rich in proteins, mineral salts, fibers and vitamins (B3); in powder form.
  • SPIRULINA: it is well known for its high protein content, but it also provides with vitamins (B9) and minerals; in powder form.

Other references

  • AGAR AGAR: natural gelling agent extracted from red algae, in powder form.
  • SEAWATER: low sodium content, concentrate sea water in powder: a natural and balanced supplement of mineral salts.
  • MARINE MAGNESIUM OXIDE: Thanks to its 58% content of available magnesium it acts as a perfect solution for muscles relax.
  • MARINE COLLAGEN: collagen in white powder, water soluble.
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