2020: The year of Inulin

Among the trends of the food market, digestive wellness and low sugar profile are two of the most requested ones.
Inulin fully satisfies the requests of consumers, who are more and more interested in fibre intake through their daily diet.

Inulin is a type of soluble fibre that can be found in a many vegetables, like chicory roots, onions, wheat and bananas.
Among its main characteristics, we can quote:

• It belongs to a class of carbohydrates known as “fructans” (molecules specifically linked together, that will not be digested within the small intestine): instead of being digested, inulin acts as prebiotic helping to feed and increase the number of good bacteria in the digestive system;
• Inulin helps in weight management, controlling blood’s sugar and improving calcium absorption;
• It is a natural sugar replacer and also allows to increase the fibre content in the recipes.
• It can besides be used to replace and reduce fats, as a humectant (to keep things moist) and as a thickening or binding agent.

Inulin can be declared as (vegetable) Fibre and this is an important “claim” that encourages the consumer to buy “healthy” products.

Our representative Cosucra is the pioneer of the inulin and FOS from chicory roots production (besides proteins, functional fibres and starches from pea):

FIBRULINE™ – Chicory inulin
FIBRULOSE™ – Chicory oligofructose

Cosucra supports the concept of foods formulation according to the nutritional needs of each age category at the correct dosage of the ingredient in order to promote a healthy, balanced and natural nutrition.
In order to promote these values, the company offers quality products and a technical-applicative and nutritional support to the food industry.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us ( https://www.victa.it/en/contacts/ )

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