CLEAN LABEL – From a trend to a habit

Data provided by Mintel confirm how “clean-label” claim is no longer a trend but a habit meeting customers’ needs.
The meaning is quite versatile and it is today even more differentiated and applied to underline different specific qualities, like: “no added preservatives”, “Gmo free”, “organic”, “with natural ingredients”, etc.

NASTAR™, the functional clean-label starch!
Food and beverage industries demand for natural, organic, gluten or allergen free products, with no chemical subastances and processed/manipulated as less as possible.

With its NASTAR™ native pea starch, Cosucra meets the increasing demand for clean label starch.
NASTAR™ is a naturally-sourced, functional native starch, separated from other pea components through an aqueous process without the use of any organic solvents, and thus preserving its natural value.
This ingredient is a functional and winning solution for the benefits offered:

– Low gelatinization temperature (68°C) and good resistance to high-temperature
– Good performance at various freeze-thaw cycles.
– Tolerant to different pH levels

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