Cosucra launches the new injectable pea fiber

We are glad to inform that our partner Cosucra has enlarged its range of pea fibers by launching a new (highly awaited!) version of its functional fiber Swelite.
The new product, named “Swelite F”, has the peculiarity to be injectable: this feature makes it a valid technical solution for meat applications.
Added to the brine, it does not leave visible streaks in the finished product, like the other fibers do.

Swelite F is also suitable to stabilize and improve the aspect and the texture of “imitation fresh cheese” and fillings for pasta and savoury baked products.

Compared to the standard version, that has been renamed “Swelite C”, Swelite F has the following features:

• it has a finer granulometry (60% >100 micron, 90% >200 micron) which leads it to be injectable and become creamy on the palate
• it has a water holding capacity of 7 times its weight (Swelite C has a WHC of 10x or more)
• on the finished product, it is recommended at a maximum dosage of 3%-4% (Swelite C has a typical dosage of 1% up to 2%)
• it can be declared as simply as “vegetal fiber”

Likewise the standard version, Swelite F has a very clear color, it is neutral in taste and it has a shelf life of 3 years.

• it is easily water dispersible
• it contributes to the yield in the production and reduces losses during the cooking process
• it is easy to use into blends (since it is not dusty)
• it stabilizes the finished product form
• it has a reduced volume compared for example, to wheat fibers.
• it improves the texture of the vegan/vegetarian products by compacting their proteins
• it helps keeping a good level of moisture and smoothness, leading to a more natural and fresher aspect of the products

For further info, do not hesitate to contact us!

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