Lipofoods presents magnesium microincapsulated

The Spanish company Lipofoods ( has recently launched a new product, MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules, a highly concentrated magnesium source suitable for many applications (such as capsules, tablets, chewable pills, orosoluble powder products and many others).

Magnesium is an essential mineral for our body. It is important especially for relaxation and some metabolic functions such as the energetic metabolism and the breathing activity. In addition, it contributes to the muscles maintenance and helps preventing the cramps.

A low magnesium diet has been associated with several diseases, such us impaired glucose metabolism and altered neuromuscular function.

MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules is an easily dispersible flowing powder, with a magnesium content of 30%, with high bioavailability and easily absorbed by the organism.

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