Magnesium, a natural choice for everyday life!

Magnesium is one of the trendiest minerals of recent times, a valid and interesting natural choice.
Available in different forms, it represents an essential support for everyday life.

Magnesium contributes to several functions of our body, such as relaxation, energy metabolism, breathing activity, muscles maintenance, and also helps preventing cramps,…

Moreover, it helps regulate heart muscle contraction, it relaxes arterial smooth muscles (promoting thus a healthy blood flow), it aids synaptic connections between neurons (supporting memory).
It is also associated with the mood, being co-factor of enzymes that regulate the neurotransmitters linked to this function.
Lastly, it supports more regular intestinal activity.

Magnesium can be found in a lot of food (such as seeds, whole grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables) but relying only on the diet, often not so well balanced, cannot always guarantee to achieve the recommended RDA.
Indeed, nowadays food is poorer of magnesium than in the past (mainly because of the processing, or the massive agriculture that exhausts the mineral level in the soils, …).

A diet depleted in magnesium has been associated with several diseases, such us impaired glucose metabolism and altered neuromuscular function. When magnesium is lacking, some autoimmune disorders have also been noticed.

Lipofoods offers Magshape®, a magnesium oxide that can claim the advantages of the microencapsulation, such as the controlled release, the high bioavailability, the stability, the masking capacity of the off notes.

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