Nuwen by Setalg presents their new speciality “Algalithe Granulated”: high source of natural calcium

We are pleased to inform you that our represented Nuwen by Setalg has formulated a new version of the macro alga Algalithe.

Algalithe is obtained from fossilized red macro-algae Lithothamnium calcareum
Its microporous structure combined with its slow growth allows the absorption of all nutrients from the sea, especially calcium and magnesium.
When it is at the fossilized status, the concentration of these elements is increased.

The new product “Algalithe Granulated” has a special granulometry (100 μm < 90% < 710 μm), that gives more solubility and compressibility.
These properties let it be specially indicated for a use in the nutraceutical industry (tablets and capsules, orosoluble…).

The recommended daily intake is more or less 2,5/2,7 g.

You can find more information in this document: ( Flyer Algalithe G )
Moreover, we suggest you to watch the presentation video of the product:

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