Plant-based proteins & Sport nutrition

Sport supplements category was the first to use the plant-based proteins.
In 2013, according to data from Innova Market, the number of plant-based sport powders launches was higher than any other food and beverage category.

A recent survey over the eating habits of more than 1.000 US consumers states: 52% of them are eating more and more plant-based food and beverage and 60% of them intend their shift to plant-based alternatives as permanent (or wish it would be).

Concerning the impulse for purchasing plant protein-based products, among various consumer motivations, the most interesting one is the common search for “something healthy”, with a positive impact on individuals, but also on the community and on the whole Planet.

Another research, run by UK-based agency Lumina Intelligence, highlights that pea proteins consumption has been growing exponentially, followed by the rice proteins.

On the other hand, soy was until few years ago the undisputed queen of the plant proteins, but today it is more and more losing its popularity. The main reasons behind this trend change is the low sustainability, its allergenicity and the potential link to hormonal imbalances (though this point is subjected to disputes …)

Our French partner Prova, leader in extracts and natural flavors, has recently carried out a study on masking flavours for the pea proteins in collaboration with Cosucra and other proteins producers.
The study regards tailor made flavors: the development is done starting from each protein’s original profiles that differ from each supplier.

Discover the isolate pea proteins produced by Cosucra ( and the extracts and natural flavors range by Prova (
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