Reduced-sugar beverages

Also when it comes to beverages, the consumer tries to limit sugar intake as much as possible.

Low sugar-beverages are more and more preferred due to their positive nutritional profile; moreover their taste and the quenching capacity are unchanged.
Therefore, when diversifying the proposals, producers always take these parameters into account. The key of the success is to find the best balance among the taste, sweetness levels and palatability and to use “comforting” names and values on the label, in order to pursue the clean label philosophy.

Among the possibilities offered, it’s important to seize the chance to give the formulation the proper fiber content in order to get a more balanced and healthy nutritional profile.

The natural soluble fibers from chicory roots, inulin and FOS, of which our Belgian represented Cosucra is pioneer ( are the perfect solutions for a low content or with no sugars beverages.
They give the product a better creaminess and a slight natural sweetness that enable to claim the fibers, immediately appreciated by the consumer.

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