“Beauty from within”: fortify … for a glowing skin!

The skin is the body’s largest organ. Its nourishment and caring should be a daily practice; despite this, it is not always respected.

Indeed, different causes might damage our skin, for instance: unhealthy diet, smoking, pollution, stress, UV radiation. All these factors can reduce the skin smoothness and elasticity. These are the typical signs of a suffering skin.

In order to overcome these issues, the beauty industry is traditionally and mainly focused on topical applications.
However, in the recent years, more and more importance is attributed to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

When these conditions are respected, not only our microbiota and our immune system are reinforced, but also our beauty look (skin, nails, hair, etc).
The “beauty from within” trend is being developed around this concept.

In fact, the lotions, even though they bring great benefits, act effectively on the top layer of the skin, while ingested actives reach the deepest layers by giving long lasting and stronger benefits.

The “beauty from within” concept particularly involves food functional beverages & food supplements. Besides, more attention is given to sustainability and respect towards the environment.

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and zinc are known as the most popular ingredients. They are effective against inflammation and damages caused by free radicals.
Besides those, curcumin and marine collagen, are suitable for nutraceuticals formulations. The curcumin has the capacity to contrast free radicals and it has inflammatory properties. The marine collagen helps maintain an elastic and glowing skin, and boosts cell regeneration.

Our partners can offer the following products:

Curcumin and microencapsulated zinc from Lipofoods (link);
Vitamins A and D from DIVI’S (link)
Vitamin E, natural tocopherols and Omega-3 from BTSA (link);
Marine collagen, micro and macro algae from Nuwen (link)
Special Phospholipids from Novastell (link)

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us (link)

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