Protein bars with pea proteins Pisane®: let’s discover all the potentialities!

The protein bars market is an evolving sector with continuous innovations in accordance with the consumers trends.

The aim of this kind of product is to meet the needs of a wide public, from the sport people to the active adults.

As a consequence, the protein bar does not have only a “nutritional” function anymore, but it is expected to be a tasty and healthy snack.

Consumers are always asking for new characteristics and this leads the manufactures to look for innovative solutions and ingredients.

The pea protein Pisane® range (produced by Cosucra) and, in particular, the Pisane B9, is an ideal solution to answer to these needs.

The most important features are:

• Ideal nutritional intake, well balanced and with great functionalities
• Plant-based source of proteins and essential amino acids, with a leucine content that is very high compared to soy and rice proteins
• Easy to digest
• Allergen free
• Naturally free from lactose and gluten
• Stable texture over the shelf life of the finished product
• Easy-to-disperse and with a low viscosity in blends and in water

Feel free to contact us in order to discover more about this product and the support provided by Cosucra!

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